Bird Of Prey Carries A Massive Fish Over Beachgoers In Viral Video

Ashley White is a Tennessee native who just so happened to look out her window on the 17th floor while she was on holiday and captured an unusual sight on video. It happened over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and it is quite a sight to behold.

A bird is seen in the footage with a massive fish still trying to get away as it was carried off in the bird’s talons. The video was posted on Tracking Sharks, a twitter page, and people began to debate immediately if it was a shark that was plucked from the ocean.

Most of the social media users who responded thought that it was an Osprey, but there were a few who were joking it was a pterodactyl. There were also other suggestions, such as an eagle or a condor.

One social media user was positive they had the answer when they said: “Definitely an Osprey – it takes a lot of power to lift up some of the large fish out of the water the way they do – amazing birds.”

Although the debate over the type of bird was lively, there was even more of a debate over the fact that the bird may have been carrying a shark. It also may have been a ladyfish, bluefish, or tuna.

Fox News reports that experts feel it was a ladyfish, as they can grow up to 3 feet long.

The shape of the tail also had some people feeling it was a mackerel. Perhaps the most interesting observation was from one Twitter user who said: “I like to think that they’re a crime-fighting duo.”

The chief meteorologist with WPDE reportedly shared the information on their Facebook page. The Daily Mail said that they argued that the Osprey had obviously caught a “large Spanish mackerel.”

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Those large birds are known locally as fish eagles or fish hawks, according to the South Carolina Department Of Natural Resources.

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