Check Out These Birds of Prey in Real-Time HD!

Since bald eagles were recognized as the national symbol of the United States, the species went from about 100,000 specimens in 1782 to only 487 nesting pairs in 1963. However, thanks to a huge conservation effort, there are now an estimated 69,000 bald eagles in the U.S.

Bald eagles are raptors, meaning they are birds of prey. They eat mostly fish, and live near bodies of water for easy access to food. They have also been known to feed on small mammals and reptiles, as well as other types of birds.


These magnificent creatures typically live for up to twenty-five years in the wild, and prefer to keep the same mate.

Ozzie and Harriet are two bald eagles who have made a home in Florida, and can be seen 24-hours-a-day on the Southwest Florida Eagle Cameras, where they have nested every winter for the past eight years. Check out their live feed now.

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