Global Elephant Crisis Leads Belgium to Crush Ivory Stockpile

In addition to being one of the most intelligent and emotional creatures one earth, elephants are also critical to the ecosystems in which they live, making them a keystone species. Their behaviors are often integral to the survival of both plants and animals with which they share their world. For instance, did you know that when elephants find themselves in a dry season they’ll use their tusks to dig for water? Not only does this give them the water they need to survive a drought, but it allows other animals to gain access to water, as well.

This is just one small example of how critical elephants are to our world.

Unfortunately, the threat to elephants continues to be dire. Every fifteen minutes, another elephant is poached for their tusks. The stakes to end poaching and cut off the supply of ivory is of critical importance to the welfare of the world’s remaining elephants.

On Monday, March 3, Belgium announced they intended to crush their entire stockpile of ivory. The ivory will be destroyed in a ceremony on April 9th in the presence of dignitaries from elephant range states and in collaboration with The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

Watch the video to learn more about the pressing need to raise awareness for the plight of elephants.

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