16 Before-And-After Photos Show How Much Devastation The Australian Brushfires Have Done

Australia has been going through a very rough time lately with the bushfires that have been sweeping across the continent. Over 15 million acres have been destroyed so far, along with 200 homes, a minimum of 25 people and an estimate of 1 billion animals. The skies across the country have turned red and the entire land is filled with smoke.

Sydney pollution is at epic levels and simply breathing the air is similar to smoking 37 cigarettes a day according to Vox. If it isn’t bad enough that the fires are raging, they are also dealing with high temperatures and a severe drought. A Red Cross report states: “The intensity and size of bushfires in some areas has led to the creation of their own weather systems, generating pyrocumulonimbus clouds, trapping heat and generating strong wind and lightning strikes, in turn sparking further fires.”

Entire forests have been burned to the ground. “I think the severity and extent of this fire season will represent tipping points for many ecological communities,” said Lesley Hughes, an ecologist and climate scientist at Macquarie University in Sydney. “Australia will be a very changed place,” she said of the country once the fire ceases.

Australia’s government is also turning a blind eye to their need for fossil fuel and how it has impacted climate change. A look down through the before-and-after pictures below will show you just how bad things have become.

1. Mogo Wildlife Park

So many of you have asked .. Has Sharni had her baby yet 🙂 ….. No we are all still waiting .. But what is better than…

Posted by Mogo Zoo on Monday, June 24, 2019

2. Main Street of Cobargo in Bega shire

3. Blue Mountains

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4. Kangaroo Island Road

One of the most photographed roads on KI

Posted by Kayne Davis on Monday, January 6, 2020

5. Kangaroo Island

6. Mount Cook in New Zealand Affected By Australian Fire

7. Mallacoota

8. House of an Australian Family

9. Cobargo

10. Shoalhaven

11. Merimbula

12. Batemans Bay Mini Golf

Posted by Batemans Bay Mini Golf on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

CLOSED today for obvious reasons.

Posted by Batemans Bay Mini Golf on Monday, December 30, 2019

13. Roebuck Bay

14. Kangaroo Island

15. New Zealand

16. New South Wales

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