Heart-Shaped Honeycomb Proves That Bees Can Be Artists When They Are Unrestricted

Nature is truly incredible. The things that it can create are nothing short of breath-taking. And if you are not convinced, just take a look at the amazing picture captured by The National Trust.

It features the “artwork” of the bees who live at the Bodiam Castle in Robertsbridge in the UK. As it turned out, within the confines of their beehive, these little artists managed to create a honeycomb that is heart-shaped.

It may look like something that is out of place, but that is only because most of us are used to the rectangular frames that beekeepers place inside the hives. The bees then build a honeycomb directly onto the frame where they deposit the honey-making collection that’s much simpler for the beekeepers. However, in nature, bees tend to get creative when building storage for their honey, which often leads to natural beehives to take on various shaped designs.

And they are nothing short of unbelievable.

Have you ever seen honeycomb as beautiful as this? Our bees at Bodiam Castle NT have certainly been busy making delicious honey for our shops.

Posted by National Trust on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

For example, the native Australian sugarbag bees are known to build hives that are structures that take on a spiral form. If the climate is temperate enough, some bee colonies have even been known to take on an “open colony” form, where the whole hive is exposed. These hives can either hang off of trees and fences or overhang on other structures and form dramatic oblong shapes.

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What makes the Bodiam Castle hive picture so captivating is that it was built within the confines of a wooden frame. However, a beekeeper gregthegregest2, posted on Reddit that this is actually a common natural occurrence whenever bees have a large gap between the top of the frames and the hive’s roof. While the shape is stunningly gorgeous, it will be a nightmare for beekeepers to harvest the honey, since they’d need to cut away extra portions in order to get to the frames below.

Bees are natural artists and have served as artistic inspiration for many artists – everything from sculpting to embroidery and all in between. So, the next time you see a bee, rather than freaking out and killing it, remember that they’re capable of some incredible things.

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