The ‘Bee Whisperer’ Uses Her Bare Hands To Save A Beehive

When most of us get too close to a bee, we do our best to get out of their way as quickly as possible. I’m sure we have all heard the advice that you should just be still because the bee won’t hurt you if you don’t make sudden moves, but that is easier said than done.

As it turns out, there might be more truth to that saying if we judge by what we see with Erika Thompson.

Erika owns and operates Texas Beeworks and she is so well known for how she handles her job that she has earned the nickname, the “Bee Whisperer.” After all, it isn’t often that you see someone that can use her bare hands to save a hive of bees, but she does it in style.

Photo: Piqsels

The call came in from a family in Texas that had bees living under their shed for a long time. They wanted Thompson to move the bees because they realized how important they were to the environment. The landlord was going to call an exterminator but they decided to give her live been removal option a try.

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In a viral video that was posted to both YouTube and TikTok, Thompson removes the floorboards in the area of the shed where the beehive was located. She was as cool as a cucumber and reached in to remove the sections of honeycomb.

Photo: Texas Beeworks

She also scooped up the bees with her bare hands and put them into their new hive, which had been constructed for that purpose. She even recreated the new hive in the same fashion so the bees wouldn’t be confused.

Photo: Texas Beeworks

The bees did need a little encouragement to move in the right direction. They communicate with each other to help the hive work together but a little harmless smoke was needed to move them to their new home.

Once she got the queen over to the new hive, the worker bees were all too happy to follow. She also left the hive in the shed for a day so the bees could orientate to their new home.

Photo: Texas Beeworks

There are times when Thompson uses gear to protect herself but she trusts the bugs enough to know that they don’t want to hurt her. The funny thing is, she has plenty of videos to show just how true that is.

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