Artists Collaborates With Bees To Create Mesmerizing Honey Comb Art

Creative expression can take on a variety of forms. There are many ways that a person can express themselves through art. And sometimes artists will collaborate together in order to produce art that has two distinct styles blended into one wonderful work of art.

But humans aren’t the only ones who can create art. In nature, there are plenty of artists to be found, you just need to look hard. Bees, for example, are capable of creating edible art with their honeycombs. Of course, as far as we know, the bees don’t know what they’re doing in terms of aesthetics, they’re just busy doing their job.

But one Canadian artist, Ava Roth, decided on an artistic collaboration with bees in order to create some very beautiful and rare honeycomb art. Roth embroiders each individual comb using a mix of components like beeswax, beads, tissue, twigs, horsehair, or porcupine quills in order to create mixed media artwork.

The Toronto-based artist is also an encaustic painter, an embroiderer, and an artist who works in mixed media. Roth’s style likes to mesh together certain techniques from fine arts with crafts. The work she does with beehives is truly incredible and pushes the limits of what is constituted as art. And love what we are seeing.

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