Leave It To Beavers And Their Impeccably Constructed Dams

The beaver is one of nature’s most incredible builders; they are almost like the wild version of a one-man (or beaver) construction site! Their ability to find, cut, haul, and build with trees and wood is almost unparalleled in the animal kingdom.

Beaver dams serve many functions in nature — not only do they protect beavers from predators and give them easy access to food, but they also filter tons of water, which helps to prevent flooding and droughts.

However, building a dam out of sticks and logs isn’t the easiest task, but beavers are definitely up to the challenge, considering it’s what they are best at.

Being able to see a beaver at work is a truly amazing experience, and most people vastly underestimate the effect that these animals have on us as humans!

Watch the video below to find out how they build these surprisingly large and intricate structures.

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