Watch A Beaver Chew Through A Large Branch Up Close

Beavers are pretty industrious little animals. We know them for the incredible dams and wooded fixtures that they can build out in bodies of water.

They achieve it with the help of some pretty big chompers, too! But while we may see their works, we might not get to experience them in the middle of building their dams.

However, one man, Mike, happened to get up-close footage of a beaver hard at work in the Canadian city of Saskatoon in the province of Saskatchewan.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The footage is of a beaver working to chew his way through the branches of a tree that had fallen onto the road. Mike was only happy that he was the one to be in the vicinity at the perfect time in order to capture the footage.

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As Mike recalled, “I was in the right place at the right time to film this wild beaver chewing a chunk off of a fallen tree trunk. I tried to get in very close to provide a real up-close look at how they do this.”

Photo: YouTube/Mike’s Videos of Beavers

Mike has come to make it somewhat of a habit to go out in search of beavers to film in their natural habitat. In fact, it seems to be a hobby that Mike enjoys and he’s even created a little YouTube channel, Mike’s Videos of Beavers, where he shares his clips and footage with the world.

Mike further shared on his channel that his newfound hobby was born out of the pandemic. While experiencing life in lockdown, he began to take an interest in the beaver families that were living in the pond and river near his home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Photo: YouTube/Mike’s Videos of Beavers

As he explained, “I take a lot of videos of the beavers, and I like to share the interesting glimpses I film about beaver life.”

Check out Mike’s incredible footage in the clip below:

Have you ever seen a beaver so close? What do you think of Mike’s videos? Let us know!

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