Pizza Parlor’s Security Cameras Capture Three Black Bears Rummaging Through The Kitchen

Security cameras have become a standard part of society, especially for many businesses. A lot of the time they simply record people at work, just doing what they are supposed to be doing on a daily basis. But on rare occasions, they can catch some very unlikely thieves.

The owner of Antonio’s Real New York Pizza in Estes Park, Colorado, came in to some extremely surprising surveillance footage after discovering that his pizza parlor had been broken into.

Footage revealed three black bears breaking into the restaurant through the main window and then proceeding to rummage through the kitchen, eating through a couple trays of dough and an entire roll of salami before they went on their way.

YouTube/CBS News
YouTube/CBS News

“It was really fun to come into that one,” said the co-owner, Tony Francher.

Bears scavenging for human food has become a fairly common occurrence in mountainous states like Colorado and Montana; so common, in fact, that many businesses have dumpsters that are totally bear-proof, leaving bears who are trying to find the high fat and high carbohydrate type food they need to help them prepare for hibernation resorting to breaking into homes and restaurants.

The Facebook page for Antonio’s Real New York Pizza made a heartfelt comment about how they not only believed the break-in was not the fault of the bears, but also defended the animals for their actions.

YouTube/CBS News
YouTube/CBS News

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“I’ve been thinking about this all day and am embarrassed by the ‘rules’ in place for the wildlife we’ve encroached upon,” the comment states. “A bear’s sense of smell is 2100 times ours. They can smell your blood but don’t kill you for it. All they want is calories with which to hibernate. We have to come up with a better set of deterrents than creating rules which ensure their euthanization based on the need to eat. It’s like we are playing chess with the bear but he doesn’t realize it’s life or death chess.”

And they aren’t the least bit wrong.

With how far humans have encroached on native animals’ habitats, it really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to us that when they run out of space, they also start to run out of food. And when they have such a strong sense of smell, it actually makes quite a bit of sense to find the food they need in homes or restaurants.

If we put ourselves in their paws, it doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal, does it?

To see the security footage, check out the video below because it’s actually kind of hilarious to see three bears rummaging around for pizza dough!

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