Bear Rips Through Screen Door To Take A Dip In Someone’s Backyard Pool

When the weather starts to heat up, nothing quite beats taking a nice dip in a pool. It’s a fun way to cool off, and apparently, it’s not just humans who think so.

In Naples, Florida, a bear decided to take his plunges in a woman’s screened-in pool. He visits the pool of Karen Bockrath regularly, to the point that she now refers to the Florida black bear as her “pet.”

In a post she shared on Facebook, she shared how the bear gained access to the pool, considering it’s screened in. She wrote, “When your ‘pet’ bear wants to put his paws in the pool but can’t open the screen door……” accompanied by a photo of the broken screen.

Photo: Face book/Karen Bockrath

Speaking with The Miami Herald, Bockrath joked, “At least he’s kind enough to use the same door he made in my screen for each visit.”

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Bockrath has caught the bear hanging out in her pool on numerous occasions and shared photos of the incidents on Facebook. She posted one photo of her “pet” taking a dip and said, “Guess I’m having a pool party! Who knew!”

Photo: Facebook/Karen Bockrath

While this year the bear seems to be taking more interest in her pool than in previous years, she did share a photo of the bear peeking into the pool through the glass windows back in September.

Perhaps he was scoping the place out for when summer hit!

Photo: Facebook/Karen Bockrath

After sharing some of her photos online, her story ended up going viral. She said, “My ‘pet’ bear is becoming very famous! Lol!”

Photo: Face book/Karen Bockrath

While some people may view a giant bear using their pool as a threat, Bockrath is used to it and has no plans of calling the authorities. She explained to UPI, “I’m really afraid they would euthanize him. The mom is still around. I live in an area that hasn’t been completely built up, lots of wooded area, lots of bears among other wild animals. My kids say I live in a zoo.”

Photo: Facebook/Karen Bockrath

Bears are so frequent in her area that Bockrath even had one go into her car to eat some dog food that was left in it, according to a comment she left on her Facebook post.

It’s great to see that Bockrath is willing to leave the bear alone so it won’t have to be euthanized. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a dip in a pool on a summer Florida day?

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