Bear Cubs Returned To Their Mother After Being Rescued From Under A House

Even though bear cubs are adorable, we realize that they are also animals that are better left alone. After all, where there is a bear cub, there is sure to be a bear mother.

A few months ago in Tennessee, a homeowner was asked to do something out of the ordinary for some bears that had shown up under their home. During a gas leak investigation, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency in conjunction with the Appellation Bear Rescue removed some bear cubs from under a house.

They were trying to get the mother bear to leave the area but had difficulty because the cubs were nearby. When they eventually were able to remove the cubs, they had to bottlefeed them and they thought it would be necessary to put the bears in another litter before spring arrived.

Photo: Facebook/Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Fortunately, the mother bear didn’t go very far, and after the area was safe, she returned and they placed the bear cubs back for her.

Photo: Pixabay

The homeowner agreed that they could stay, so it wasn’t necessary to have the bears adopted into another litter after all.

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Wildlife experts put the cubs back using a vent hole in the side of the basement. They didn’t want to disturb the mother bear, but there was a moment when the mother reached in to grab one of the cubs and almost grabbed one of the rescuer’s hands by mistake!

According to the lead curator at the Appellation Bear Rescue, Coy Blair: “She’s a good size and she was obviously ready to come and get her young.” In fact, it’s not out of the ordinary for large bears to show up in this part of Tennessee.

The Appalachian Bear Rescue shared photos of the little cubs being reunited with their mama on Facebook. Check them out below:

Photo: Facebook/Appalachian Bear Rescue
Photo: Facebook/Appalachian Bear Rescue
Photo: Facebook/Appalachian Bear Rescue

Fortunately, the bear cubs are back with their mother again, and hopefully, they will find a comfortable space away from humans.

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