What These People Did to a Beached Shark Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

This great white shark was having a really, really bad day. I mean, there it was, chasing after seagulls on a sandbar of Cape Cod. Then suddenly, the tide pulled out, and BOOM! He was beached. He had only a tiny pool of water to flop around in. So this was it; this was the end.

But not so, thanks to an extraordinary group of beachgoers!

The people in the area filled sand pails with water and splashed it on the trapped young shark to keep its skin moist — an attempt to keep it alive until the professionals could make it. And they succeeded! When the trained individuals arrived, they tied a rope to its back fin and pulled it into the sea. After that, they tagged him and set him free.

So it looks like the shark’s day has turned around, thanks to a compassionate group of humans.

It’s actually not uncommon to see marine life washed up on Cape Cod’s beach. Unfortunately, many sea creatures face a worse fate than newly-rescued shark did. But you can help; read on to find out how.

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