Meet The Adorably Unique Banded Black-And-Yellow Broadbill

The world is full of incredible life, bright colors, and so much to explore and learn. From the deepest depths of the ocean to the rainforest canopy, there are so many unique plants and animals to learn about.

One adorable and unique animal is a species of bird called the banded black-and-yellow broadbill.

The banded broadbill is a rare bird found in moist lowland forests of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand, according to Thai National Parks.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The birds are characterized by their eye-catching colors of purple and black with random yellow patches. Its turquoise beak just adds to its brilliant appearance.

According to a paper published in the Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club, broadbills live in flocks of 20 or so individuals.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The paper explained that they create complex nests that hang from vines, draped in cobwebs and lichen that hide them from view.

Besides the effort they put into their nests, banded black-and-yellow broadbills also put quite a bit into their songs. They sing a notably loud pitch that increases in volume and speed as their song goes along.

The near-threatened species is facing decreasing populations due to habitat loss from logging and non-timber crops, the IUCN Red List reported.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Currently, there are minimal conservation efforts being made to protect the species, but hopefully something can be done to address their decreasing populations.

What do you think of this stunning bird? Have you seen one before?

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