Engineer Creates Obstacle Course To Prevent ‘Thieving Squirrels’ From Getting To The Bird Feeder

A former NASA engineer spent two months creating an obstacle course in his backyard. His goal was to prevent his neighborhood squirrels from stealing food from the bird feeder, but they ended up surprising him.

Mark Rober created a squirrel obstacle course last year, but the squirrels easily overcame it.

He decided to create a new and improved course inspired by action films, like Ocean’s Eleven and Mission Impossible and he filmed the entire thing.

Photo: YouTube/Mark Rober

In the video, he said, “Truthfully, I never thought I’d be that crazy guy in the neighborhood obsessing over the squirrels, but they started it first when they would constantly pillage the birdseed from any bird feeder I would put up about a year ago.”

He went on to explain how that led him to defend the feeder with a challenging obstacle course, “which they handily defeated.” However, he didn’t give up quite so easily. Over a year later, he decided to try again with a “majorly improved version.”

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Photo: YouTube/Mark Rober
Photo: YouTube/Mark Rober

In the video, you can watch the four squirrels, Rick, Marty, Frank, and Fat Gus, take on the course while Rober narrates the action event.

He said, “Squirrels have names and, more importantly, like any crew looking to pull off a heist, they all have specific roles to play starting with everyone’s favorite: Fat Gus, who, of course, is the mastermind of this operation.”

Photo: YouTube/Mark Rober
Photo: YouTube/Mark Rober

He went on to explain that Rick is the “acrobat” and “go-to for any task that is going to require some athletic abilities.” Marty, on the other hand, is the “hacker. Anything with computers or bank safes and he’s your guy, but while he’s really smart, he also scares pretty easy.”

Photo: YouTube/Mark Rober

Lastly, there’s Frank, the logistics squirrel. Rober said, “A good heist starts with a good plan he’s got the whole course memorized and he’s mapped it out and provided blueprints for the team.”

Watch the action-packed video below to see the squirrels in action:

Maybe next year will be the year that Rober creates a course that’s finally squirrel-proof.

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