These Elephants Are So Welcoming To Newcomers!

When Kithaka’s herd was chased from their home by a human settlement in the Imenti Forest in Kenya, poor baby Kithaka was left behind. He wandered to a nearby village looking for a friend, and was rescued by the Keny Wildlife Service. Although they were unable to reunite Kithaka with his herd, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was more than willing to take in the poor baby!

Sometimes life can be difficult for elephants who have been left behind by their herds, especially since they are such social animals who desperately need the help of other elephants around them. But for orphans like Kithaka, sometimes a new family can still be just as good.

Kithaka made a ton of friends on his first day with the Keny Wildlife Service, which is so important for a developing elephant. And as time goes on with his adopted family, he will most certainly be happy with each and every one of them.

Watch the video below to see his incredible story and see how he finally managed to get along with his new elephant friends!

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