Abandoned By Her Mother, This Baby Deer Gets The Best Rescue Possible

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Doe ewe like deer, my dear? ME TOO!

What would you do if you saw a mama deer with her two babies trailing, and one couldn’t keep up due to an injured leg? This mama deer did what she thought was best. She did what natured had prepared her for biologically and emotionally, but what she didn’t prepare for was a human to help her and her little family.

This amazing man did what any kind hearted person would want to do (and possibly try to do), but then he went beyond that to do what was best for that precious fawn. He knew she needed his help. He also knew that she needed to be back with her family once she could keep up.

Source: YouTube/HuffPost

Source: YouTube/HuffPost

This is my new favorite rescue story. It has every single thing a rescue story should have: an adorable animal in need (with newborn deer spots!), a patient human that will stop at nothing to help that adorable animal, AND a happy ending that will make you smile for days and days!

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