You Won’t Be Able To Handle The Cuteness Of These Otter Mamas With Their Pups

They’re adorable! They’re fuzzy! And, turns out, sea otters are fascinating. Mothers teach their pups everything they need to know in order to live on their own by the time the little ones are between six months to a year. From eating and using tools to keeping their thick, full coats well-groomed, the smallest of the marine mammals is well prepared for a life spent mostly at sea.

So what does it take to be a sea otter? A really thick coat of fur! The sea otters fur is water-repellent, this helps them keep warm and dry especially during the winter season! Their fur plays a huge role in every day otter life. Otters primarily live, sleep, and eat in or on the water. The thick fur keeps them floating as they lie on theirs backs during meal time, grooming, and socializing. With so much to learn, the mother otter has a tough job to teach their young on how to otter properly.

Watch the video below for adorable otter action!

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