Officers Save Baby Kangaroo From Croc-Infested Flood Waters In Australia

A baby kangaroo was rescued from a perilous situation after getting swept up in floodwaters in Queensland, Australia.

Officers with the Queensland Police were patrolling floodwaters in Burketon when they spotted the struggling kangaroo.

The Queensland Police tweeted a video of the rescue.

Photo: Twitter/@QldPolice

In the post, they explained: “Police rescued a baby kangaroo from floodwaters behind a residential community in Burketown yesterday. A helicopter pilot flew over at the time and spotted two very large crocs nearby – a timely reminder to stay out of floodwaters as you never know what is lurking beneath.”

According to the Australia Zoo, larger crocodiles are “capable of eating wild pigs, deer, kangaroos and even cattle or wild buffalo!”

Photo: Twitter/@QldPolice

Needless to say, the baby kangaroo stood no chance against the jaws of the croc if it’d fallen into its range and it chose to attack.

Thankfully, as you can see in the video below, officers safely removed the tiny kangaroo from the murky water and secured it in the boat.

Photo: Twitter/@QldPolice

After that, they were able to boat to shore and release the kangaroo back onto dry land.

You can see the rescue for yourself in the video below:

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