Baby Giraffe Discovers Her Shadow For The First Time

The Monarto Safari Park in South Australia recently welcomed an adorable baby giraffe. Like most babies, she’s both adorable and quite curious.

In a video captured by zookeeper Mark Mills, you can see the little giraffe discovered her shadow for the very first time and it’s too adorable for words.

While standing outside in the sunlight, she noticed a strange dark patch on the ground.

Photo: YouTube/11 Network Australia

The little giraffe named May was born earlier this month, and the zoo shared the announcement of her birth on Instagram. Sadly, they noted in the announcement that the giraffe and her mom weren’t bonding well and staff were closely monitoring the situation.

While May’s birth was quite exciting, the lack of relationship between her and her mother was troubling.

Photo: Instagram/zoossa

Thankfully, the zoo shared an update that May is doing well, so they were able to provide her with what she needed, despite her rocky relationship with her mom.

We are just glad to see that the calf is going to be okay and continues to be curious and explore.

Photo: YouTube/11 Network Australia

Watch the adorable little calf in action in the video below:

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