Elephant Calf Chases Swallows In Adorable Video

No matter what species, all babies love to play and explore the world around them.

An adorable elephant calf without a care in the world was captured on video innocently chasing some swallows.

This elephant calf discovers a flock of low flying swallows around him and tries to chase them away. Just watch as he frolics around with the birds, flapping his ears and swinging his tail. So sweet! This video is the cure to a bad day, guaranteed.

Screen Shot: YouTube/
Kruger Sightings

After spending a few moments exerting some of his excess energy, the calf returns to his herd. The people who captured the moment were delighted to have witnessed the moment.

Screen Shots: YouTube/
Kruger Sightings

Watching this is probably one of the best ways to just fill yourself with joy.

Even though elephant conservation is making incredible strides towards keeping every elephant safe and in the wild, there are still a lot of dangers for these amazing animals.

Screen Shot: YouTube/
Kruger Sightings

This elephant is precious, and thankfully safe, but others just like him are suffering due to poachers invading their land and killing their loved ones. Poaching for ivory has reached epidemic proportions. Elephants with tusks are being slaughtered by the thousands and helpless baby elephants are left to perish.

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