Adorable Facts About Baby Elephants

Baby animals everywhere are simply adorable, and baby elephants are no exception. These little cuties can definitely charm the camera with their oversized ears and silly antics.

But one TikToker compiled a list of “more reasons why elephants are the best,” and it definitely puts these creatures in a whole new light.

The video, which was narrated by mndiaye_97, lists out a whole bunch of different facts about baby elephants – and they are quite interesting as well as wholesome.

Photo: Pixabay

Apparently, these little babies aren’t quite sure what to do with their trunks. As the TikToker explained in his video, footage of baby elephants often features them swinging their trunks around.

While we might fund this absolutely delightful to watch, they do this because they’re not used to their trunk and actually feel awkward!

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How cute is that?

Photo: Pixabay

He went on to say, “It takes years for them to figure out all the things they can do with their trunk, but until then, they helicopter their trunks around as they try to get used to their own body.”

But perhaps the sweetest fact about baby elephants is that they will often suck the ends of their trunks in the same exact way that human babies suck on their thumbs. It’s all about comforting themselves.

Photo: Pixabay

Watch the adorably wholesome TikTok below:


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♬ Baby Elephant Walk – Henry Mancini

Baby elephants are certainly sweet and to protect them, it’s important to avoid shows and tourist attractions featuring elephants, including those masked as “sanctuaries” or “orphanages.” For elephants to be ridden, they’re usually beaten and abused from the moment they’re born to ensure compliance.

If you’re in an area that offers elephant rides, just keep in mind that ethical animal keepers would never offer them. Regardless of how happy the elephants seem, if they’re being sold for rides, there’s a near guarantee that they were abused and are continuing to be abused behind the scenes.

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