I Can’t Stop Watching This Video – It’s Too Cute!

Just miles away from Berg en Dal in the Kruger National Park in South Africa, a rambunctious baby elephant discovers a flock of low flying swallows. Just like the big tough elephant he is, the calf adorably tries to chase them away. You’ll see him flaring and flapping his ears, as elephants do to make them appear larger, and with adorable intimidation, he hopes it will be enough to scare the flock of swallows away! Now, is he successful? That’s up to you to determine. However, one thing is for sure — his little display is beyond cute! This video is the cure to a bad day, guaranteed.

I’ve never seen anything as cute as this, have you?

This elephant is precious, and thankfully safe, but others just like him are suffering due to poachers invading their land and hunting them down for their tusks. Poaching for ivory has reached epidemic proportions. Elephants with tusks are being slaughtered by the thousands and helpless baby elephants are left to perish. You can help! Give now to our Gifts That Give More dedicated to feeding orphaned baby elephants in Zambia.

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