Baby Dinosaurs Running on a Beach? You’ve Got to See This Video!

Who wouldn’t want to see a live dinosaur?

How about having the chance to watch a group of baby dinosaurs running on a beach? Those cute little sauropods with long necks and chubby bodies?

Photo: Twitter Video/Buitengebieden

Catching sight of them live will be a million times more pleasurable than watching the movie Jurassic Park.

Millions of people who have watched this video felt that level of excitement . . . momentarily. Until reality dawns on them.

Photo: Twitter Video/Buitengebieden

Well, the video has succeeded in giving everyone a good laugh.

The “baby dinosaurs” were actually a large group of coatimundis that were running toward the beach, shown in reverse. Their long tails looked like the “long necks” of baby sauropods. Some caught the joke in seconds, others who are avid fans of the Jurassic movie series were swept away by the illusion for a long while.

Photo: Twitter Video/Buitengebieden

Coatimundis, also known as coatis, are relatives of the raccoons, red pandas, and olingos. These diurnal mammals are found in South and Central America and also in New Mexico and Arizona. They are highly adaptable, with some of them living in the high-altitude areas of the Andes. But many coati families prefer tropical woodlands and open forests.

Photo: Fort Bowie National Park Service

A coati can grow up to 24 inches, the same length as its tail. It weighs from 4 up to more than 11 kilos. They are omnivores who are fond of eating fruits along with insects, which makes them an important part of the ecosystem.

How can you easily tell that the small creatures in this video are not baby sauropods?

The gait. You will notice that the movement of the coatis’ feet was symmetrical.

In a recent study, the sauropods were discovered to have a diagonal gait.

Watch and get amused!

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