Rare Baby Albino Turtle Found On A Beach In Australia

An extremely rare albino turtle was spotted making its way down a beach in Australia.

The hatchling was discovered on a beach on Lady Elliot Island in Australia. It’s estimated that only one in every 100,000 turtle hatchlings are albino.

Paired with being rare, the survival rates of albino turtle hatchlings is thought to be lower than the average, which is around one in every 1,000 turtles surviving to adulthood.

Photo: Instagram/ladyelliotislandecoresort

According to an Instagram post by Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort, albino hatchlings are less likely to survive than regular hatchlings due to their decreased vision and inability to camouflage.

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Despite all of the odds stacked against him, the little guy is fighting his way towards the sea to join the rest of the turtles.

Photo: Piqsels

According to ABC News, Jim Buck, the island’s ecosystem management officer, explained that it’s challenging for the turtle hatchlings to get from their nest to the ocean, and it’s risky for the albino hatchlings because they make easier prey.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

He said:

“These little guys they struggle to get out of the nest and if they do they’re not well suited to the environment. We can see the animal quite easily so I’m sure predators would have the same advantage.”

According to the ICUN, green turtles are an endangered species and their populations are only decreasing. While it’s unlikely that this little albino turtle will survive on its own, we can only hope that it lives a happy and full life.

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