Awe-Inspiring Lightning Caught On Camera

Here’s a fun question for you to ponder today: What state is the best place to be in to see a storm come rolling in?

Your answer might jump right to somewhere in Tornado Alley, like Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, or Nebraska. Maybe a bit to the northeast in a state like Minnesota or the Dakotas. How about the South where tropical storms can come in with some muscle or how about anywhere along a state’s coastline, looking out at the ocean as the storm moves inward?

All of these are great guesses…but did you ever thing about somewhere in the southwest…like in Arizona?

Arizona is the place to go if you want to watch a storm coming in. There’s nothing like the smell of heavy rain exploding on the hot desert floor, or the sight of dark, heavy clouds sweeping inexorably toward you from miles away across the sky. In this clip, Bryan Snider of Live Storms Media captures the glory of lightning as it springs from cloud to cloud. Turn the volume up and let it take your breath away.

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