Australia Is Seeing A Comeback Of ‘Zombie Fish’

We’ve heard a lot of interesting reports recently about animals that were thought to have gone extinct but they were found alive. Some of them have been on the list of extinct animals for well over a century!

You can now add the southern purple-spotted gudgeon to that list. In 1998, they thought that the native Australian fish had gone extinct, but it is now off the list.

In late 2019, two of those fish were found alive in Victoria after more than 2 decades. After looking further, the gudgeon, which the North Central Catchment Management Authority calls “Victoria’s zombie fish” were found in greater numbers.

Photo: Twitter/northcentralcma

After searching nearby lakes, including Middle Reedy Lake, 80 more were found.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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According to the North Central CMA, a representative of the Victoria Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning, Adrian Martins, said:

“We couldn’t believe it when we started finding so many at Middle Reedy. Most of our team have worked their whole lives dealing with the decline of threatened or endangered species, so to have an opportunity to be witnessing the opposite is something special.”

Photo: Unsplash

Earlier in the decade, the southern purple-spotted gudgeon saw a resurgence in other parts of the country. Scientists are now looking forward to a captive breeding program with those fish found in Victoria.

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