Meanwhile In Australia: Grapefruit-Sized Hail Pummels The East Coast

A hailstorm can be a devastating natural event, but when the falling ice comes down in chunks larger than a grapefruit, it can be particularly menacing.

That is what the residents along Australia’s East Coast experienced this past week according to the Meteorology Bureau in that country.

It seems as if the worst of the storms struck near Yalboroo, north of Mackay.

Photo: flickr/Care_SMC

In case you aren’t familiar with the East Coast of Australia, that town is approximately 600 miles north of Brisbane.

The hailstones that fell reportedly measured up to 6.3 inches in diameter, and some photos were shared on Facebook:

It’s rare for hailstones to get this large and it takes specific weather conditions for them to form.

The Bureau of Meteorology said in the Facebook post: “Central Queensland had a combination of very cold, dry air and warm, moist air.”

They went on to say that after the thunderstorms developed, it caused the atmosphere to grow unstable and the hail continued growing before it eventually fell to the ground.

Queensland was the site of the previous record of large hailstones that was set in 2020.

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