Floods In Australia Send Swarms Of Spiders And Snakes Into Homes

The eastern part of Australia has been struggling with widespread flooding. Throughout the area of New South Wales and across the mid-North Coast, residents have been struggling to stay high and dry.

As it turns out, the people are not the only ones who want to stay dry.

Due to the rising waters, clusters of spiders and snakes are being forced out of their natural hiding areas and into homes.

Photo: YouTube/Storyful Rights Management

According to reports from the Xinhua news agency, they were also seen seeking high ground on fence posts and raised trees as well.

The news has also hit social media, with a video showing just how serious the situation is.

Stuart Johnson is a professional snake catcher in the area who works for Reptile Solutions. He shared with Xinhua that it wasn’t just spiders and snakes but many different types of wildlife are now getting out of their comfort zone and into our zone.

He said that he has had some calls for snakes that have gone into sheds or on verandas.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons =

There are many different venomous snakes along the mid-North coast of Australia. This includes the well-known Brown snake and others.

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The good news is, many of the snakes that are finding their way into homes due to the flood are not venomous, but they are still unwelcome visitors.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Due to the severity of the flood, Johnson has been unable to get to all of his clients. They are sending him pictures or videos and he is offering remote consulting.

He also gives a warning to those who may be looking at some cleanup of debris after the floodwaters subside.

Wildlife often gets trapped in those areas, so caution is necessary.

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