When the Voice of the Natural World Meets the Leader of the Free World…

Sir David Attenborough has made a name for himself by lending his voice and style to countless BBC nature documentaries, including the award-winning mini-series Planet Earth. However, despite being the world’s most renowned naturalist, receiving more honorary degrees from British universities than any other person, and being presented both a Peabody and the first Green Lifetime Achievement Award, Sir Attenborough has never visited the White House.

That is, until his 89th birthday, when he was invited to discuss the natural world with President Barrack Obama.

Now, disregarding the President’s position on the political compass, being invited to a one-on-one sit-down with him is a pretty big deal. He is the second-most powerful person in the world, after all. Naturally, Sir David was surprised at the invitation; however, it turns out President Obama is a huge fan of Attenborough’s work.

Watch the White House’s press video of the conversation below, and scroll down for a link to BBC’s coverage of the full interview between the President and the great naturalist of our time.

If you’d like to see more, you can watch the entire BBC One broadcast of the conversation right here.

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