The Size Of New York City Compared To Comets And Asteroids

When we think of asteroids, we probably think of them as pieces of space junk that are just floating around in the great unknown.

That’s not too far off the truth. They really just are rocky objects in space. Sometimes they end up orbiting celestial bodies such as the sun or even certain planets.

While most people have a general idea in their head when thinking of asteroids or comets, few people stop to think of the size of these rocky formations.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The truth is, these asteroids can actually be quite large. One 3D animator, Alvaro Gracia Montoya, previously of MetaBallStudios, helped to create a stunning visual representation of certain asteroids within our solar system.

Photo: Pixabay

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The real impact of their size isn’t really all that impactful until there is a size comparison, and Montoya wowed us with a size comparison of these asteroids, including putting them side-by-side to famous landmarks like New York City skyscrapers.

Photo: YouTube/MetaBallStudios

The comparison is really where it becomes evident that if any one of these space rocks were to hit Earth, the results would not be good.

Watch the two videos below:

And the second part:

Space really is a very interesting place with some scary things floating around. What do you think of these comparisons? Let us know!

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