Researchers Discover The Tallest Tree In Asia Hiding In Tibet Forest

Researchers recently discovered the tallest tree in all of Asia in a forest in Tibet!

According to a press release from Peking University, researchers with the Peking University discovered the giant cypress in Bome County in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China.

Photo: Flickr/Richard Mortel License: CC BY 2.0

The cypress measures 102.3 meters tall (or 335 feet), smashing the previous record for China’s tallest tree which boasted a height of 83.4 meters. Not only is the newly discovered cypress tree now the tallest tree in China, but it’s also the tallest tree in all of Asia!

When put up against the Statue of Liberty, the 335 foot cypress would tower 30 feet over the statue, which is only 305 feet tall.

Photo: Pexels/Thunder4fox

The cypress is the believed to be the second tallest tree in the world, coming in only behind a coastal redwood that boasts an impressive 380 feet height. According to the Guinness World Records, that redwood secured the title for the tallest living tree in 2019, though it was discovered back in 2006.

Notably, the area where the cypress was found is also home to two trees that previously held the title of being the tallest in China. It seems the specific Tibet forest range it was found in produces some monster trees.

Photo: Pexels/André Cook

According to the press release, experts believe that “ecological protection efforts and the environmental diversity in Nyingchi are necessary conditions for the large number of tall trees.”

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