These Foxes Have So Many Babies That They Can Barely Contain The Cuteness

The fox is a creature that has roamed almost all parts of the globe, including the frozen parts of the northern hemisphere. With its strange mannerisms that make it seem as close to a cat as it is to a dog, these creatures have some serious variety.

And of all the fox species in the world, it is hard to argue that the arctic fox is one of the most beautiful around.

Arctic foxes are, as their name implies, native to the arctic regions of the upper half of the world and can endure sub-zero temperatures with ease. Their coats also turn brown in the spring and summer months to help them blend in the the less snowy ground.

An arctic fox family is also very special because is has more pups than any other carnivore on the planet. This means that the adults of the pack have a lot of hungry mouths to feed. Although they mostly feed on lemmings, they eat a large variety of foods if they need to, such as eggs, fish, and even berries and seaweed.

In this particular video, one arctic fox searches for enough food to feed his adorable pups during an arctic summer.

Check it out below, but prepare yourself for some of the cutest animal babies you have ever seen.

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