Watch This Adorable Arctic Fox Pup Grow Before Your Very Eyes

Life as an arctic fox pup isn’t easy. Expected to be fending for themselves at two months and completely full-grown by ten, it’s a quick and cold journey to adulthood. At two months, they will be exposed to the world’s harshest conditions — being in the tundra, it is not uncommon to see temperatures drop below -50 degrees Celsius! These little tough fur-balls prove themselves as hardy creatures… Maybe that’s what makes this video so endearing.

You’ll notice that these Arctic fox pups have brownish colored fur as opposed to the brilliant white fur you would commonly associate with an Arctic fox. Their fur changes color with the seasons! Brown during the spring and summer and white during the winter. The white fur in winter is to their advantage, where they will blend in with the snow and same goes to their brown fur in spring and summer. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Watch them play, nap, and relish their puppyhood before it’s too late!

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