Anonymous Donor Pays For Funerals Of The Flood Victims In Tennessee

Sometimes the world seems like a harsh place. There can be a lot of bad people out there, but there can also be a lot of good people too.

As crazy as the world seems, so long as there is kindness in the world, there is still hope for humanity, and that is why it’s so nice to hear about the good deeds of others.

There is something extra nice about those who do good things out of the kindness of their hearts while remaining completely anonymous. In Tennessee, there is a very kind-hearted person who went around to various different funeral homes just to pay for the funerals of 20 flood victims.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to WKRN, the manager of Humphreys County Funeral Home shared that the man didn’t want to be named, he just wanted to do something to help the flood victims.

Brown shared with The Tennessean that the man came to the funeral home and paid for all the funerals that were being organized by the funeral home.

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There were 9 in total that the Humphreys County Funeral Home had been preparing. But the anonymous man didn’t stop there. He then went around to other funeral homes and paid for other funeral services too.

Photo: Max Pixel

The unnamed Good Samaritan isn’t the only one trying to help out in the state which was flooded by devastating floods in the past week. 17 inches of rain poured down on the state causing flooding that wiped out hundreds of houses and caused a lot of damage.

People across the country came together to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations for the affected areas.

Some major donations include a $50,000 donation coming from the Tennessee Titans, a $50,000 donation from Regions Bank, and also a $100,000 from the local manufacturer, Chemours.


While those donations were local, there were out-of-town ones as well – including the mystery funeral service donor.

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