Wildlife Photography So Realistic, It Speaks For The Animals Themselves

Frans Lanting is a talented and lauded nature photographer, who uses his unique vision to capture the true nature of wildlife. “I like to get past the fur, the feathers, and the scales,” he says. “I want to get under the skin.”

His goal as a wildlife photographer is to bridge the apparent disconnect between humanity and the animal kingdom — for, he says, underneath we are all the same. Birds, reptiles, humans. Underneath, we have more in common than we don’t.


Have a look at his beautiful, and often poignant work in the video below, and “marvel at the intricacies of life.”

The Sky Island region of Mexico is an incredibly rich, diverse ecosystem where the desert mingles with tropical species and plains species. Unfortunately, much of this unique habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate. This is one of the few remaining populations of the jaguar in North America, home also to the ocelot, mexican wolf, military macaw, and a little plant called teosinte that is the ancestor of today’s corn. Learn more about this special region, and what you can do to protect it! Click here to help.

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