Woman Sets Up A Hidden Camera To Capture Photos Of Wild Animals Drinking From Her Water Fountain

For some of us, having animal visitors to our gardens is something that we don’t necessarily take notice of. But for Jennifer George, it has become somewhat of a hobby.

Jennifer happens to live in a semi-rural part of San Diego County where her backyard sees a whole host of wildlife. As a result, she has seen a number of animals come to her backyard. It all began after a hot day back in 2019 when she noticed that there was a family of coyote pups nearby that seemed thirsty. She put out a bowl of water for them, and from there, things spiraled and she took to the internet with her newfound hobby.

Speaking of her hobby to Bored Panda, Jennifer said, “I’ve lived in Southern California all my life, and some of these animals I’ve never seen before, like the long-tailed weasel and the western tanager. I love seeing the coyote puppies and the road runners. I’m hoping an owl will stop by one day.”

Photo: Instagram/jenniferegeorge

Jennifer kept refilling the bowl of water, and it kept attracting animals in what has been called an “animal thirst trap.” Of course, this meant that she ended up needing a larger bowl as well as a solar fountain. These additions ensure that a variety of different animals will continuously stop by to drink from her bowl and fountain.

She’s managed to get all her different visitors on tape thanks to the hidden camera that she set up. While it’s so cool to see these animals on film, there are a wide variety of animals, including critters like snakes and coyotes, that you wouldn’t want to run into in person. But it’s still cool to see them online.

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See our top ten below:

1. Wild Bunny

Apparently, this little cutie decided to stop by for some water.

Photo: Instagram/jenniferegeorge

2. Bird of Prey

Even hawks get thirsty too.

Photo: Instagram/jenniferegeorge

3. Tiny Visitor

This little mouse is so small you’d almost miss him.

Photo: Instagram/jenniferegeorge

4. Coyote

It’s so cool seeing a coyote this close.

Photo: Instagram/jenniferegeorge

5. Vulture

Looks like this vulture was just circling for some water.

Photo: Instagram/jenniferegeorge

6. Skunk Alert

Definitely not an animal you’d want to run into unsuspectingly.

Photo: Instagram/jenniferegeorge

7. Here, kitty kitty!

Not sure if this is a wildcat species or just a neighborhood feline.

Photo: Instagram/jenniferegeorge

8. Ordinary Doggie

Not all the critters caught on her camera are wildlife.

Photo: Instagram/jenniferegeorge

9. Quail Selfie

This bird is so perfectly positioned in this shot that it appears like it’s taking a selfie.

Photo: Instagram/jenniferegeorge

10. Bathtime

This hawk has no qualms about full-on bathing in everyone’s drinking water.

Photo: Instagram/jenniferegeorge
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