Mark Your Calendars: 38 Awesome Animal-Inspired Holidays To Celebrate In 2018 and Beyond

America’s relatively skimpy holiday schedule has become stuff of legend — French workers enjoy 35-hour working weeks and six weeks paid vacation, while U.S.-based employees make do with less than a dozen federal holidays and 2-3 weeks of paid vacation.

Fortunately, pet lovers have plenty to celebrate year round, even if these commemorations doesn’t come with any corresponding holiday pay. International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day on Feb. 23 is easily missed amid February’s rote roses and chocolates, while Hug Your Cat Day on June 4 is a great reason shower your favorite feline affection. National Mutt Day (aka National Mixed Breed Dog Day) is such a good reason to get out and adopt a shelter dog, it’s actually celebrated twice per year, on July 31 and Dec. 2.

Photo: Flickr/Dawn Ashley
Photo: Flickr/Dawn Ashley

Read on for some of our favorite wildlife and animal-inspired holidays, though with hundreds of celebrations falling throughout the year, we don’t have room to mention them all. Just let us know if we’ve missed your favorite pet-related festivity in the comments below!

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