Toledo Zoo Hosts Easter Egg Hunt For Animal Residents

All animals at The Toledo Zoo in Ohio are treated to daily enrichment to engage their mind and body. Since Easter is just days away, the caretakers have planned a fun Animal Egg Hunt for all the residents on Friday.

Bright eggs will be placed in each animal’s enclosure and then visitors can watch as the animal searches for the treat inside. The eggs will vary in size and material based on the animal. Some will receive hard-boiled eggs, while others will get Jell-O eggs, raw eggs or paper-mache eggs stuffed with delicious treats.

The zoo is home to a wide range of animals which use their talons, paws, teeth, and more to crack the eggs. It is so fascinating to watch.

The Animal Egg Hunt will begin at 10:30 am with the polar bears, brown bears, and gorillas searching for eggs. The egg hunt continues around the zoo and ends at 3pm. The zoo posted the fun event on Facebook and encouraged people to, “Egg-splore the wild side of Easter at our Animal Egg Hunt! On March 29, hop in to see what enrichment treats the Easter bunny dropped off for your favorite Zoo animals to enjoy. This event is included with Zoo admission.”

The full schedule is posted on the zoo’s website.

This isn’t the first or the last egg hunt hosted by the zoo. It is a yearly tradition. Check out footage from previous years below.

Toledo Zoo is dedicated to caring for the animals at the zoo and contributing to conservation efforts near and far. Their mission is to preserve and improve the lives of animals in their own “backyard” and around the world. In addition to conducting their own studies on local turtles and wildlife, they are involved in protecting hippos in the Chinko Conservation Area in Central African Republic and much more. Learn more about their efforts here.

Egg hunts are clearly just as fun for animals as they are for kids. A zoo in Germany is also spoiling their animals with delicious treats inside colorful eggs. Check it out below.


Bears, macaques and mongooses at a zoo in Germany were treated to a festive surprise on Wednesday — their very own Easter egg hunt!

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