This Underwater Paradise Is Filled With Incredible Looking Ocean Life

On a filming expedition off the coast of Thailand, photographer Stewart Whitfield captured some incredible footage of the Anemone Reef and the multitudes of aquatic creatures that call it home.

The anemone reef is one of Phuket’s best dive sites that includes a giant pinnacle of reef over 30 meters tall that comes as close as five meters from the surface of the ocean. It is home to hundreds of anemones (hence its name), plenty of crustaceans, and many other incredible ocean creatures.

Most notably, Whitfield spotted an exotic-looking hermit crab and the beautiful and rarely fully visible tiger-tailed seahorse.

There is also some wonderful footage of a black-spot pufferfish that Whitfield stumbles upon while it is searching for food amongst the many anemones and coral protrusions.

Have a look at the video below to see some seriously incredible views of a magnificent ecosystem at work.

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