Alligator Gets Lost And Causes A Traffic Jam On The Highway

An alligator causing a traffic jam sounds like something that would be happening in the state of Florida. However, drivers along the 146 Highway in Houston, Texas got quite the surprise Wednesday when an 8-foot reptile ended up causing traffic delays.

According to KVIA ABC-7, the alligator had been wandering the shoulder lane of the road by the Fred Hartman Bridge portion, resulting in some traffic jams after one of the lanes was shut down.


The shocking sight was filmed by the police after several of their law enforcement officers and the gator had a pretty tense moment. The video was later shared on social media, shows animal control officers confine the reptile before moving it to a safer area.


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According to another clip that was shared by ABC News, the task of restraining the big animal wasn’t an easy one since it thrashed and tried to get out from under the officers’ control several times. Eventually, they were able to secure it and tie it up before loading it into the bed of a truck. Following its transfer yet another video clip showed animal control and the police working together to untie the alligator and get it safely released into a body of water.


As KTRK, an ABC affiliate, shared, the alligator was released into a waterway that was beneath the bridge as it connects to a shipping channel. ABC News reported that the gator incident happened in the middle of rush hour traffic at 8 am. Naturally, this caused a major disruption to traffic flow along East Houston’s Interstate 10.

Watch the footage below:

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