Rare Footage Captures The Moment An Alligator And Shark Swim Side-By-Side

A shark and alligator were caught swimming side-by-side down the river in extremely rare footage.

Gray Vinson was enjoying a day on the Indian River Lagoon in Sebastian, Florida when he came across some incredible discoveries in nature.

Besides seeing a manatee swimming through the water, he encountered a shark and an alligator – swimming right next to one another!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

While it’s not uncommon to come across sharks in the lagoon and alligators are a common sight, it’s extremely rare that they’re spotted swimming together. And not only did Vinson witness the neat moment for himself, he recorded it and shared it on his Facebook page.

Photo: Facebook/Gray Vinson

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In the video, you can see both the alligator and the shark swimming through the Indian River. Vinson wrote, “It’s not everyday you see a bull shark and a gator swimming together in the Indian river..”

He wasn’t the only one startled by the moment, either!

One person commented, “No flipping way?!!! My boys will never kayak with me again!!” Another chimed in, saying, “Wow that’s impressive footage. Good job! Big ole gator too!”

Photo: Facebook/Gray Vinson

According to the state park website, the Indian River Lagoon is the “most biologically diverse estuary in North America.”

It’s neat to see that diversity captured on film. Watch rare footage below:

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