Alligator Steals Fish That Little Boy Was Attempting To Reel In

Fishing can be an extremely relaxing pastime for people all over the country. Whether you are standing on a dock, sitting in a boat, or even wading in the middle of the river, there is just something special about being near the water and enjoying the sounds of your fishing reel.

And when you do eventually feel that tug on your line from “the big one,” it is quite the thrill!

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Trying to reel in your catch, especially when it is large, can be the trickiest part of the whole day. And for one little boy, reeling in his newly caught fish was somewhat of a crazy experience when it got snatched away by a massive alligator.

Alligators are extremely common sightings in the southeast United States, and many times it is fairly expected that you might run into one while out on a relaxing fishing trip. But what you don’t expect is for them to run away with the fish you have on your fishing line.

The average alligator weighs right around 800 pounds and is typically 13 feet long, so these river-beasts are definitely intimidating predators when you run into them in the wild.

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Male alligators are solitary creatures that are very territorial and will violently defend their home turf if they feel it is being encroached upon.

Going into alligator-infested waters can be extremely dangerous because of the fact that they are nearly invisible when they are lying in wait for a meal. They are also lightning-fast.

Not only do alligators have nearly unparalleled bursts of speed when shooting up from the water, but they can also move very quickly on land for a short time.

With speed capabilities of nearly 25 MPH for smaller alligators, it is no wonder that they can snatch something off your fishing line in the blink of an eye.

Unfortunately for this particular boy and his awesome catch of the day, the alligator that found an easy meal was much faster.

Check out the video below to see the incredible footage, and remember to be extra careful when you are fishing in areas where alligators are common.

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