This Adorable Bat Loves Bananas More Than Life Itself

Unfortunately for animals who are living in this world, they have to deal with a lot of mankind encroaching on their territory and making life more difficult in general.

But thankfully, there are plenty of people on our wonderful planet that go above and beyond to make sure that animals that are hurt accidentally or on purpose get the rescue and relief they need to live a normal life again.

One animal that got some seriously special treatment after a car-caused head injury is Alicia the bat.

YouTube/Batzilla the Bat
YouTube/Batzilla the Bat

All the way down under in Queensland, Australia, bat conservationist Denise Wade stepped in to help Alicia get back on her feet…or wings.

Even though Alicia was struck by a car, the driver immediately stopped to help out the tiny little bat and make sure she got straight to a location where she could receive the urgent care she needed.

Thankfully, when Denise Wade got her hands on the adorable little leather-winged friend, she had no major injuries, so it wasn’t too difficult of a task to get Alicia back to feeling herself again.

“There are a few rescue scenarios that make me cringe…one of them is a vehicle strike,” Wade said. “However, on this occasion we have a happy outcome and with no broken bones and only a slight concussion.”

YouTube/Batzilla the Bat
YouTube/Batzilla the Bat

One thing no one expected, however, was how much this little bat loved bananas.

During one of Alicia’s feedings, Wade decided to give her some banana to help her recuperate while being wrapped up in a nice fuzzy blanket.

What happened after is one of the most adorable things the internet has ever seen, because Alicia went to town on that banana like it was her job!

She had so much banana stuffed in those tiny little cheeks that she almost started looking like a chipmunk hoarding nuts for the winter!

To see the wonderful moment, check out the video below.

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