African Wildlife Unwind Around The Waterhole In Relaxing Footage

In a video released by BBC Earth, African wildlife gathers around a waterhole to drink. Their narrator always has such a calming voice, and this clip is no different.

The 27-minute clip depicts a day in the life of the animals who reside at Mwiba Wildlife Reserve in Tanzania, and it’s so serene to watch.

This permanent watering hole was made just for them, too. It’s been equipped with cameras so that we get the chance to watch them, and it seems they’re all living their best lives.

Photo: YouTube/BBC Earth
Photo: YouTube/BBC Earth

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Photo: YouTube/BBC Earth

“Water is vital to all life, but how does an ecosystem evolve around a brand-new source? Rigged with a state-of-the-art camera system to film around the clock, this new waterhole in a water-stressed region in Tanzania doesn’t just give a lifeline to wildlife. It also provides an extraordinary eye-to-eye view of the action…” the description reads.

Check out the video for yourself below:

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