The Miracle Of Birth: Adelie Penguins Of Antarctica

Birds and other egg-layers across the world all spend a significant amount of time making sure that the fragile eggs that are home to their babies are taken care of every single day until they hatch.

And for penguins, they are no exception.

With so many different species of penguins, there are actually a number of different ways that they care for their young while they are still inside of their eggs.

Emperor penguins for example, leave the male penguins to look after and incubate the eggs while the females all go out to sea and try to find food.

But for many other species, the parents take turns incubating the eggs to make sure that they are kept at a suitable temperature.

Adelie penguins come together at the end of the year to lay their eggs into small circular piles of stones.

During these warmest months of the year in Antarctica, Adelie penguins become extremely busying caring for their future chicks. Caring parents spend their entire summer taking turns keeping their young warm and hunting for food to bring back to the nest.

The watchful eyes of the entire group ensure one penguin chick returns to safety after taking a tumble out of its nest.

Check out the video below to see Adelie penguins raising their newest generation, because who could say no to these adorably paternal animals?

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