5-Year-Old Boy Hikes The Appalachian Trail

5-year-old Harvey Sutton is now the youngest boy to complete the Appalachian Trail.

Harvey, known as “Little Man” on the trail, started the 209-day hike when he was just four years old and finished the trail just in time to start Kindergarten.

Of course, he didn’t do the trail alone. He was accompanied by his two parents, Cassie and Joshua Sutton.

They ended up hiking 2,100 miles in 209 days.

Anyone who’s familiar with backpacking trips knows just how grueling they can be. Add in a small child and things become even more challenging.

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While the days were long and they did experience hiccups, they also had a lot of fun and bonded as a family in a new way. Harvey enjoyed finding little critters along the trail, like frogs and lizards and enjoyed munching on peanut butter and Skittles burritos for fuel.

Speaking with USA Today, Harvey explained that he enjoyed “the rock scrambles” and said they “were not bored.”

He probably didn’t experience boredom because his parents worked hard to make the trail enjoyable for him and to keep him engaged and entertained.

While Harvey isn’t the only small child to hike the 2,000+ mile trail, he is possibly the younges boy to walk it on his own feet.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The family began their journey in January and finished their hike just last week. They’d been hiking together since Harvey was just 2-years-old so they felt confident enough to tackle the trail.

Cassie and Joshua both took time off from their jobs in Real Estate and changed their lives entirely. They lived out of tents, woke up with the sun (or before it), and hiked all day. It might be hard getting accustomed back to life at home again!

Watch some highlights of their journey in the video below:

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