Third ‘Murder Hornet’ Nest Found & Destroyed By Washington Officials

The Washington State Department of Agriculture has found a third Asian giant hornet nest since the species was first detected in the United States last year.

This nest was found in Northwest Washington, near the Canadian border – the same region as the first two nests.

Photo: Facebook/Washington State Department of Agriculture

WSDA officials put on their safety suits and gear and got to work. Baker District Trail Steward, Dan DeVoe, with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, dropped the tree and split it open safely for them.

Photo: Facebook/Washington State Department of Agriculture

This nest had ten combs and was filled with worker hornets. Upon their search, they did not find any virgin queens or males, which means they likely didn’t produce any new nests.

But this does not mean that there are not more nests out there. WSDA does not expect this to be the last nest they find, but they need the public’s help. The last nest was found and eradicated because residents in the community sent in photos of these hornets near their homes.

Photo: Facebook/Washington State Department of Agriculture

After receiving these photos, officials were able to put a tracking device on one of the hornets, which led them to its nest.

It is absolutely crucial that officials find and destroy all of these nests, since the Asian giant hornet is a threat to the bee population, which is vital to agriculture and food supply. They have been dubbed ‘murder hornets,’ due to them preying on bees.

Photo: Facebook/Washington State Department of Agriculture

The WSDA says the community’s continued cooperation is what will help them essentially save the bees from these hornets. Officials encourage the public to continue to report sightings and set traps.

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