Couple Discovers 150 Snakes Living Under Their House

If you happen to be heading to Colorado, you might have more to see than mountains. In Elizabeth, Colorado, there were more than 150 snakes that had to be removed from under a couple’s home.

It started in November 2018, when Shaynon McFadden and Royce Robins bought their Rushmore Street home. By the time the following spring came around, the snakes started to show up on the back deck.

“We started seeing garter snakeheads popping up in between the wood slats on the ground level patio,” Shaynon McFadden said.

More snakes kept showing up as the weather got warmer. They would see snakes under the deck, around the foundation, in the yard and, sometimes, inside the home.

“My cats had it cornered in the bathroom,” McFadden said. “We’re not sure how it got in, but we got rid of that one right away.”

An exterminator was hired and he looked under the back deck, only to discover a large snake den. When all was said and done, more than 150 snakes were removed from their property and safely relocated, according to the couple.

McFadden did not have a clue that a “snake infestation” existed back when she purchased the home with her husband.

“It was not disclosed to us when we bought the house, so it was a surprise,” she said.

This could be a legal issue because Colorado law states that any material facts about the property must be disclosed by the seller and realtors when someone is looking at the property to buy it.

Photo: YouTube/9NEWS

A snake infestation would have to be disclosed, since it qualifies as a material fact, according to a spokesperson from the Colorado Association of Realtors. That organization has over 26,000 members and is a nonprofit real estate trade association. Even if the previous owner had tried to fix the problem, it must still be disclosed.

The spokesperson went on to say that arguments over non-disclosure are a very common dispute after a sale.

All in all, the couple spent around $8,000 on a new deck, shed, and pest control, according to McFadden, claims 9NEWS.

“We removed over 150 [snakes] before winter hit,” she said.

Although the couple is hopeful that the snakes are a thing of the past, they will have to wait for warmer weather to know for sure.

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