Think You Can’t Plant a Tree? These Two Men Will Prove You Wrong

Jia Haixa is blind. Jia Wenqi is a double amputee. This unlikely team has formed an incredible friendship and have dedicated their lives to planting trees in Yeli village, just outside of Shijiazhuang city, northern China.

The two have been working together for ten years, and have managed to plant 1,000 trees each year.

That’s 10,000 trees planted, thanks to the efforts of two dedicated men.

What was once barren land has become a flourishing forest.

Their handicaps haven’t held them back from working together to transform their communities and each other’s lives. Individually, they both struggled to find work due to their handicaps, but together, they’re living their lives, making a living, and contributing to the future prosperity of Yeli village.


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